Tiger Woods Divorce Would Likely Be Filed in Florida

If golf star Tiger Woods ends up in divorce proceedings with his wife Elin, the two spouses have many options as far as where the divorce will be filed. Elin’s native Sweden would be one option, and the two have homes in California and Florida.

Florida divorce lawyers might recommend a Florida filing over California or other states.

The couple has two homes in Florida. It would be easy for Elin to file in Florida, and because Florida has no state income tax, she would be able to keep more of any eventual settlement than she would in California or other states, and certainly more than in Sweden.

A Florida divorce has other advantages:

Florida is a “no-fault” state, so parties to divorce do not need grounds other than declaring that the marriage relationship is irretrievably broken.

Florida’s equitable distribution law means that courts would examine the couple’s assets with the idea that all assets would be divided equally.

The couple could file in Orange County or Martin County, but they could also file in any other Florida county. They might do this to keep details of the divorce out of the press. Golfer Greg Norman and tennis star Chris Evert each filed for divorce in Florida in counties where they did not live, precisely to keep details more private.

One Kansas divorce attorney made a point regarding the difficult predicament involving the balance of the curiosity of the public and the right for the privacy of the family. Due to the involvement of children, the court will likely side with confidentially for the sake of the children.

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