License suspension: What you don’t know could hurt you

A person who has been charged with drunk driving in North Carolina likely is forced to deal with a license suspension or revocation. However, if a person’s license is administratively suspended, after receiving so many traffic tickets for instance, there is a good chance that a person could continue driving without knowing that his or her license has been suspended. Driving without a valid license could result in serious consequences, even if a driver is unaware of the suspension.

Often, a notification of a suspended license is mailed to the person. If the person recently changed addresses and did not receive the letter, though, the person may never know his or her license is suspended until he or she is stopped again.

In a highly public example, a Grammy-winning gospel singer was carjacked. He called the police to report the theft of his vehicle, his watch and his wallet. While the police charged the alleged thieves, they also arrested the singer because he had a warrant out for his arrest due to issues arising from driving on a suspended license. In his case, he had changed addresses, so did not receive the notification.

The man had also failed to appear for previous hearings regarding his traffic issues. Media sources do not state whether the man knew about the previous court dates. It was suggested, however, that the man most likely did not know about them since his staff normally handles personal issues for him. It was reported that his staff discovered unpaid tickets just before the carjacking. The singer said that the issues were in the process of being handled prior to his car-jacking and that the check for the unpaid tickets had been mailed. If you or your company is having issues with suspended licenses due to CDL violations, reach out to a qualified Baltimore CDL violation attorney to best handle your situation.

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