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Divorce is difficult, whether it is in northern New Jersey or anywhere else in the country. Many people would say that divorce is difficult, but it happens because marriage itself can be very difficult. With help from a Philadelphia malpractice lawyer, studies have shown this fact.
As if the day-to-day problems of marriage and the frustrations of the details of divorce were not enough, a new study has found that significant weight gain is a genuine risk for people getting married, and for people getting divorced. Interestingly, the study found that women are more likely to gain weight after marriage, and men are more likely to gain weight after divorce.
Using data for ten thousand people surveyed between 1986 and 2008, researchers at OSU found that women gained weight within two years of marriage, and men within two years of divorce. The weight gain was found in people making a marital transition, as compared to people in the same age groups who were never married.
Northern New Jersey divorce attorneys noted that the study also found that the weight gain was more likely after marriage or divorce for people over the age of thirty.
The weight gains for women after marriage and men after divorce were found to be significant enough in many cases to pose a health risk. The study did not look at any periods beyond the two years after marriage or divorce after an injury lawsuit in Ohio, so it had no conclusions about whether weight gain was experienced in periods beyond the two years after a transition. Nor did the study examine the likelihood that people who gained weight after a marital transition might subsequently lose the weight. The study did not speculate as to why people gain the weight, and did not have an explanation for the differences between the genders and the marital events.
Some observers thought perhaps the weight gains could be explained by people settling into regular eating and exercise routines, and then having those routines disrupted by marital transitions, leading to weight gains.

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