Debt Relief Lawyers and Families

American families are changing. The changes can be seen in northern New Jersey as well as anywhere in the country. The fact is that more people are choosing to become parents and live together without getting married. Even though they avoid many of the issues that come with marriage and divorce, there are some complications that remain when unmarried couples break up. Probably the most complex of these are child custody and child support issues.
There are also advocates for the institution of marriage who argue that children of unmarried couples are at a disadvantage in comparison with children of married couples. That was one of the points researchers tried to make in a recent report that noted the remarkable increase in the number of unmarried couples in American society.
Northern New Jersey child custody and visitation lawyers noted that the study was released by two organizations known as the National Marriage Project and the Institute for American Values. Since these organizations want to bolster the institution of marriage, their argument that children of unmarried couples have more problems than children of married couples is to be expected. What is more interesting to dispassionate observers is the data on changing attitudes about the desirability of marriage.
The report found that since 1970, the number of couples choosing to have children and live together without getting married has increased twelvefold. Surprisingly, the study also found that American children are now more likely to have parents who were never married than they are to have parents who are divorced.
For children age twelve and under, 42 percent have lived with cohabiting parents. Only 24 percent of children twelve and under have parents who are divorced.
There is no doubt that there are more children with unmarried parents than ever before, and that means that there are more custody and visitation issues among these families than ever before. As the times change, so does the experience and expertise of child custody and visitation attorneys. That new expertise from debt relief lawyers in Naperville is being called upon by more families than ever before.

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