During the summer, few activities are as enjoyable as visiting an amusement park. Many of the parks here in New Jersey are fun for kids and adults alike. Although thrill rides may be scary, most of us can enjoy the twinges of fear they inspire because we trust that these rides are well built, well tested and will ultimately keep us safe.

Unfortunately, that assumption can prove unfounded and ultimately dangerous. Late last month, five patrons at a New Jersey theme park required medical attention after suffering injuries on the same ride. According to a recent news article, this particular ride is a remnant from when the park operated under a different name and was run by a different company. The previous park was plagued by financial difficulties stemming from personal injury lawsuits.

In the most recent accident, five people at the Mountain Creek amusement park suffered scrapes and bruises on a water ride known as the Gauley. According to the park’s president, the tubes got stuck at the mouth of the tunnel, causing several of the riders to crash into each other.

The victims’ injuries were relatively minor, and the park apparently has a good safety record at the present time. But this particular ride harkens back to a time when safety issues threatened the safety of visitors.

The 30-year-old Gauley was built back when the facility was called Action Park, which closed in 1997. The park went bankrupt due to several personal injury lawsuits that ended in multi-million-dollar awards to victims who had been injured on the premises.

It is unclear if the Gauley has been thoroughly inspected to make sure that it does not exhibit any of the safety issues which occurred on other rides built during that era. If it has yet to be inspected, this recent minor accident should serve as a wake-up call. The current owners might be wise to avoid the mistakes of their predecessors. Bankruptcy is tricky. For any questions regarding bankruptcy, refer to you Monroe bankruptcy lawyers.

Tiger Woods Divorce Would Likely Be Filed in Florida

If golf star Tiger Woods ends up in divorce proceedings with his wife Elin, the two spouses have many options as far as where the divorce will be filed. Elin’s native Sweden would be one option, and the two have homes in California and Florida.

Florida divorce lawyers might recommend a Florida filing over California or other states.

The couple has two homes in Florida. It would be easy for Elin to file in Florida, and because Florida has no state income tax, she would be able to keep more of any eventual settlement than she would in California or other states, and certainly more than in Sweden.

A Florida divorce has other advantages:

Florida is a “no-fault” state, so parties to divorce do not need grounds other than declaring that the marriage relationship is irretrievably broken.

Florida’s equitable distribution law means that courts would examine the couple’s assets with the idea that all assets would be divided equally.

The couple could file in Orange County or Martin County, but they could also file in any other Florida county. They might do this to keep details of the divorce out of the press. Golfer Greg Norman and tennis star Chris Evert each filed for divorce in Florida in counties where they did not live, precisely to keep details more private.

One Kansas divorce attorney made a point regarding the difficult predicament involving the balance of the curiosity of the public and the right for the privacy of the family. Due to the involvement of children, the court will likely side with confidentially for the sake of the children.

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License suspension: What you don’t know could hurt you

A person who has been charged with drunk driving in North Carolina likely is forced to deal with a license suspension or revocation. However, if a person’s license is administratively suspended, after receiving so many traffic tickets for instance, there is a good chance that a person could continue driving without knowing that his or her license has been suspended. Driving without a valid license could result in serious consequences, even if a driver is unaware of the suspension.

Often, a notification of a suspended license is mailed to the person. If the person recently changed addresses and did not receive the letter, though, the person may never know his or her license is suspended until he or she is stopped again.

In a highly public example, a Grammy-winning gospel singer was carjacked. He called the police to report the theft of his vehicle, his watch and his wallet. While the police charged the alleged thieves, they also arrested the singer because he had a warrant out for his arrest due to issues arising from driving on a suspended license. In his case, he had changed addresses, so did not receive the notification.

The man had also failed to appear for previous hearings regarding his traffic issues. Media sources do not state whether the man knew about the previous court dates. It was suggested, however, that the man most likely did not know about them since his staff normally handles personal issues for him. It was reported that his staff discovered unpaid tickets just before the carjacking. The singer said that the issues were in the process of being handled prior to his car-jacking and that the check for the unpaid tickets had been mailed. If you or your company is having issues with suspended licenses due to CDL violations, reach out to a qualified Baltimore CDL violation attorney to best handle your situation.

Teen in Ocala, Florida Drives Car Through Family’s Living Room

Negligent driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents. Whether a driver is talking on a cell phone, texting or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, serious and even fatal car accidents can occur. In a recent Ocala, Florida, accident, a teen drove his vehicle into a local family’s home.

Between 4 and 5 a.m. on Sunday, an Ocala family was jolted awake by a loud crash coming from inside their home. The husband went to see what caused the noise and found a four-door sedan sitting in his living room.

According to officials, a 19-year-old man from Ocala was driving the car at the time of the crash, and an 18-year-old woman was a passenger in the vehicle.

The man is suspected to have been driving at a high speed when he attempted to round a curve near the family’s home. He reportedly hit a telephone pole and crashed into the family’s home. A number of homes in the area lost electrical power as a result.

Following the crash, the driver was treated by paramedics, and the passenger ran from scene of the accident.

Police suspect the driver may have been under the influence of alcohol, but they have not arrested the driver or the passenger at this time.

Fortunately, no one was injured in this accident, but that is not always the case. If you or a family member have been injured in a car accident, it can be very overwhelming. You may be facing expensive medical bills and recovery time that could cause you to miss work. Experienced DWI attorneys know that strong cases can be built to help victims of car accidents obtain compensation for their injuries. Many families and individuals in need are referring to a dependable Rayville DWI attorney today.

West Palm Beach DUI Attorney Insights

Across data that is found in court that will come in numerous forms I come being a West Palm Beach DUI lawyer. It’s extremely important that the DUI attorney is not strange with all the regulations and techniques that police force must-follow in collecting the evidence that they’re using against you to attempt to obtain a DUI sentence. The data varies from scenario to event and may include factors for example movie from the patrol vehicle, into a body draw; from the breathalyzer assessment, into a statement produced by my customer.

One of the person’s intoxication level’s most precise steps is through using a blood draw. The reason is that by drawing on blood, the authorities will not be unable to get into the degree of alcohol inside your blood supply alongside another intoxicants. Certain medicines could make an individual present like they had been consuming. The utilization of xanix marijuana, drug, and many other authorized drugs can often produce a person appear as though they’re drunk.

Often times police can have an urine test to find out if a suspect is currently using any materials which can be causing their display of intoxication. However, there’s an inherent problem with urine check within the impression that there is no solution to inform just how much of a substance is in a person’s body or when the element was taken by the individual. Long after any of the drug’s ramifications, although most drugs can show up in your process for a significant while after acquiring them have worn down. For example, weed can frequently been found in a urine for thirty days after use. This can change centered on many components for example frequency of use, body-weight, excess fat content. Then have nothing to drink nevertheless the authorities who are sure you are intoxicated have you take an urine examination that shows an opiate within your program, if you were to have a pain product yesterday. In cases like this, the pain product has well-worn down. There is no method that it must be influencing you or causing you to look swallowed but due to the urine exam, you can quickly be charged for a DUI.

The authorities are only allowed to take them using conditions, due to the unpleasant character of blood attracts. If there were a person to become involved in a car accident, a blood bring is very often that may take a look at intoxication levels by means of drugs and alcohol.

Being imprisoned to get a DUI can be a very significant offense that can not be taken lightly and requires your interest that is immediate. Your DUI lawyer would want to review all of the available data combined with police reports. You might have a very good DUI security strategy in-going forward, in case your arrest was based exclusively on the urine examination that showed a track number of a prescribed medication. The point after you have been imprisoned will be to find the help of a qualified and knowledgeable DUI lawyer.

Being a West Palm Beach DUI lawyer, it is extremely important that the DUI attorney is not strange with all the regulations and techniques that police force must-follow in collecting the evidence that they’re using against you to attempt to obtain a DUI sentence. The data varies from scenario to event and may include factors for example movie from the patrol vehicle, into a body draw; from the breathalyzer assessment, into a statement produced by my customer. Be sure to speak with a Clermont DUI lawyer today to learn more.

Injury Lawsuits

Divorce is difficult, whether it is in northern New Jersey or anywhere else in the country. Many people would say that divorce is difficult, but it happens because marriage itself can be very difficult. With help from a Philadelphia malpractice lawyer, studies have shown this fact.
As if the day-to-day problems of marriage and the frustrations of the details of divorce were not enough, a new study has found that significant weight gain is a genuine risk for people getting married, and for people getting divorced. Interestingly, the study found that women are more likely to gain weight after marriage, and men are more likely to gain weight after divorce.
Using data for ten thousand people surveyed between 1986 and 2008, researchers at OSU found that women gained weight within two years of marriage, and men within two years of divorce. The weight gain was found in people making a marital transition, as compared to people in the same age groups who were never married.
Northern New Jersey divorce attorneys noted that the study also found that the weight gain was more likely after marriage or divorce for people over the age of thirty.
The weight gains for women after marriage and men after divorce were found to be significant enough in many cases to pose a health risk. The study did not look at any periods beyond the two years after marriage or divorce after an injury lawsuit in Ohio, so it had no conclusions about whether weight gain was experienced in periods beyond the two years after a transition. Nor did the study examine the likelihood that people who gained weight after a marital transition might subsequently lose the weight. The study did not speculate as to why people gain the weight, and did not have an explanation for the differences between the genders and the marital events.
Some observers thought perhaps the weight gains could be explained by people settling into regular eating and exercise routines, and then having those routines disrupted by marital transitions, leading to weight gains.

Divorce Rates

For many Americans, if they tried to estimate where in the country divorce was the most common and where divorce rates were low, they might say that divorce would be highest in New Jersey and other parts of the Northeast, and low in the “traditional values” South.

They would be wrong. Recent census data indicates that exactly the opposite is true. Divorce rates in the Northeast are the lowest in the country, at 7.2 per thousand for men and 7.5 per thousand for women. Southern states actually have the highest rate of divorce, at 10.2 per thousand for men and 11.1 per thousand for women.

Family law attorneys in Bethesda Maryland took note of the Census Bureau data which showed that nationally, the divorce rate is 9.2 per thousand for men and 9.7 per thousand for women.

What explains the perhaps-unexpectedly high numbers in the South? One Census Bureau demographer attributes it to higher marriage rates in the South. People in New Jersey and other Northeastern states are getting married for the first time later in life, which has lowered the marriage rate. With fewer marriages have come fewer divorces.

One New Jersey mother of two who has been married for thirteen years has attributed the long-lasting nature of her marriage to the fact that she waited until she was in her late twenties to get married. “Waiting allowed me to find the person who was right for me, not the person who was available,” she has said.

By contrast, many Southern women marry young. As they age, many of them are discovering that they perhaps married too hastily, leading to the relatively high Southern divorce rate. After receiving help from a car accident law firm to recover damages in her crash, the mother had this to say.

Driving Truck Accident Insurance

With truck driving being the eighth most risky work in the United States (see-the outcomes below), leading to 11 deadly incidents daily and 4,000 fatalities per-year, it’s very important to all motorists on the highway to exercise careful attention when while in the location of a partial-vehicle. In the state approximately 180, of Pa,000 motor vehicle accidents occur every year,of these 54.3 percent require a vehicle. Truck accidents are a tremendous chance to all owners inpart, on the highway due to defective maintenance of the vans, and in part on account of negligence with respect to owners. Infact, the majority of truck -related accidents are motivated to be on account of driver negligence, that will be the product of drivers being overworked -slept. In an accident having a pickup you will find yourself in case, here are a few suggestions to enable you to assist you to deserve from the incident and navigate truck drivers insurance to help make sure you are receiving the money.

Once The Crash Occurstruck truck crash in Philadelphia, what to Do

In order to make certain you are currently receiving one of the most in the driver’s insurer, you should be capable of definitively demonstrate fault at that time of the incident. It is possible to decide what caused the accident to happen, and assure the best settlement as a swap or who, by following these directions.

Call the police. This will be step one in almost any accident, because the authorities can start a further investigation to determine the contributing elements of the accident.
Seek medical attention immediately. As a way to document the level of those incidents towards the driver’s insurer, a physician should review the nature of the accidents. By failing to seek medical interest, you can’t verify the longer you delay to find support, the flimsier your event is likely to be, and also that any accidents truly happened.
Get pictures. Many insurance companies will demand images showing the incident as it happened. Make sure you be as comprehensive that you can in your documentation.
Request the truck be analyzed. To be able to maximize your payment in the insurer, proving that the pickup was poorly managed may be priceless to your event.
Demand the driver be analyzed. Certainly, in situations involving intoxication or reckless driving, proving problem is not difficult. Nevertheless, in the event you’ll find intoxication wasn’t an issue, need legal help with taxes, or no witnesses required, you will require other data to show neglect. By ensuring a medical professional entirely checks the driver, it can be demonstrated whether sleep deprivation or different aspects led for the accident.
Get here if you prefer to know what direction to go if you’re involved with a truck accident using an uninsured driver.

School Zone Traffic Violations

School Zones will be the everyday drivers’ worst nightmare. Many times its difficult to tell when one is going to pop up but for the most part people only do not pay enough attention to the signs. Quite often people unintentionally violating regulations and are daydreaming and maintaining their standard rate. You can find just two principal infractions most commonly related to school zones; passing and speeding ticket Bellingham with a school bus that is stopped.

  • points are doubled in school zones
  • fines are doubled in school zones
  • there is an unwritten law that its ok to stay within 10 mph of the speed limit without getting pulled over (fact or myth?)
  • A school pops up you’re if you are doing 40mph in a 30mph zone actually doing 40mph in a 20mph School Zone
  • if you get pulled over, not only will you be ticketed for speeding but in addition your citation will say “speeding in a school zone”
  • its essentially like going 40mph on the speed limit.
  • your permit is going to be penalized greatly in terms of points
  • You are going to have to pay fees and escalated fines
  • You may be needed to go to driving school depending what types of infractions you’ve got committed in the past
  • And so the dilemma is, how do I deal with these infractions after my property insurance claim denied?
    Passing a Stopped School Bus