During the summer, few activities are as enjoyable as visiting an amusement park. Many of the parks here in New Jersey are fun for kids and adults alike. Although thrill rides may be scary, most of us can enjoy the twinges of fear they inspire because we trust that these rides are well built, well tested and will ultimately keep us safe.

Unfortunately, that assumption can prove unfounded and ultimately dangerous. Late last month, five patrons at a New Jersey theme park required medical attention after suffering injuries on the same ride. According to a recent news article, this particular ride is a remnant from when the park operated under a different name and was run by a different company. The previous park was plagued by financial difficulties stemming from personal injury lawsuits.

In the most recent accident, five people at the Mountain Creek amusement park suffered scrapes and bruises on a water ride known as the Gauley. According to the park’s president, the tubes got stuck at the mouth of the tunnel, causing several of the riders to crash into each other.

The victims’ injuries were relatively minor, and the park apparently has a good safety record at the present time. But this particular ride harkens back to a time when safety issues threatened the safety of visitors.

The 30-year-old Gauley was built back when the facility was called Action Park, which closed in 1997. The park went bankrupt due to several personal injury lawsuits that ended in multi-million-dollar awards to victims who had been injured on the premises.

It is unclear if the Gauley has been thoroughly inspected to make sure that it does not exhibit any of the safety issues which occurred on other rides built during that era. If it has yet to be inspected, this recent minor accident should serve as a wake-up call. The current owners might be wise to avoid the mistakes of their predecessors. Bankruptcy is tricky. For any questions regarding bankruptcy, refer to you Monroe bankruptcy lawyers.

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